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"A Little Pillow Company" Hypoallergenic TODDLER PILLOW - 13 in x 19 in (Ages 2 - 4)  
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Price : $19.99

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"A Little Pillow Company" Hypoallergenic TODDLER PILLOW - 13 in x 19 in (Ages 2 - 4)
Give your toddler the safest and most beloved pillow available: the one specifically designed for your precious child by the company with the longest and best Customer Service in the industry. Our toddler pillow is tried and true and has thousands upon thousands of happy, satisfied customers. Don't settle for the competition when you can buy from the most trusted company. We created The Original Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow in 2007 to provide the correct amount of lift for a toddler's neck, using only the safest fabric and fill available. Our pillows and cases are free from all flame-retardants and chemicals and are constructed from strictly hypoallergenic materials. The pillow's casing is made from a soft, white 100% cotton shell and is filled with our Deluxe Cluster Fiber, a premium loose-fill fiber. This fill is superior to all other fills because it is is both soft and supportive, machine-washable, hypoallergenic, cool and durable. NOTE: The fiber in the pillow will relax with a little use so if it should feel a little full at first, do not worry; it will soften. However, other lofts are available upon request. In addition, we also have a Deluxe Customizable Toddler Pillow that allows you to adjust the fill yourself to create the perfect individualized height and softness/firmness for your child. After your toddler has outgrown this size, we have a Hypoallergenic Youth Pillow available for ages 5 - 12. LAUNDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash on cold or warm and dry thoroughly on low or medium. (Do not wash or dry on hot.) Adding a tennis ball or dryer ball to your dryer will help loosen the fiber and re-fluff it. Once out of the dryer, reshape the pillow by grabbing two corners and vigorously thumping it; repeat with opposite corners.

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